Every night I curl up in my bed

trying to get you out of my head 

I start to cry thinking about you

abandoned in the dark is where 

you left me to bleed,


The memories of this pain 

brings on the rain;

I Cry 

yes, I do over you 

it’s not because I love you 

that could never happen 

Not even in your dreams,


Clueless is what you made this 

argumentative is you 

I never wanted to put you in my life

You just found ways to get in it

Oh, I was so happy that you are gone

I thought I could finely move on 

Oh, how I was wrong 

you come back to me like an old sad song,


In my mind, I start to remember You

every night in my cold bed 

I CRY to get you out of my mind

you come to me in darken dreams 

you find a way to mess up my days 

the memories of you

have taken me down like the Flu.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1984


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