I cry

I'm not a big crier 

Never was 

The tears never came 

But I as set my eyes upon

The words and lines

The people bore their hearts and souls into 

I cry 

I cry for the unfairness of the world

I cry for the racial injustice 

I cry for the idiotic

I cry for the ones who have to stay silent

I cry for the invisible hands that can't be seen

At these moments I seem to cry for everything 

I cry for myself

I cry for my own silent screams 

I cry for my own misery 

I've even cried for the birds and trees

I cry for the homeless

And for the missed opportunities 

I cry for the cutthroats 

I cry for the angels 

For the saviors

And I cry for the people like me 

The demons of the night 

The ones who never were seen 

The ones never saved

For who can save me from me?




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