I Cry

I cry because every day a memory is lost due to somene's carelessness.
I cry because families are struggling with hearing the news of their loved ones dead from being where they were supposed to be
I cry for these young girls that feel they're so ugly they got to sell themselves for money in order to make a living
I cry for this world that is under so much distruction
I cry for my loved ones now gone
I cry for all those victims of the Sandy Hook and Auroa shootings
I cry because there are people that believe they will never make it in life
I cry

I cry for those people that feel they got to lie
I cry for all these kids growing up without a male role model to call a father
I cry for all that died because suicide caused by bullying
I cry because there' so much hypricrosy people don't even know it's happening
I cry because this world is no longer the way I used to remember it
I cry

I cry for democracy
I cry for the ceasing of all this violence
I cry for all the people who have departed out of this life
I cry for those for those who feel fighting and killing is the only way to solve something
I cry for all the reality staring me in my face
I cry for New Haven

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