I Cried to You 

There is a great deal of depression 
that has overtaken the land 
my soul hurts from long ago,

I lost my way; 
then disaster came caused great pain
out was out of control 
over what is right all I did was wrong 

Just another Sad, sad song  
the rain started pour down on me 
night and day 
flooding deep within me, 

I was too young to understand 
the ways of Lust and Sin 
my body craved sinful men 
darkness became a game of child play,

My life was never right 
in my mother's eyes 
No matter how hard I ever try 
She would beat me down 
and call me names, 

The black seed is what she gave  
I was only two when I started 
crying out to you 
you touched my little heart, 

easy my pains from the start 
You even given me food to eat 
I would get down on my knees asking you 
Please forgive me, 

take this pain away my Mother given me
she cut me down so far down 
I was so lost I never thought I would 
ever be found, 

I would cry and cry deep into the night 
asking why my mother didn't want me 
She doesn't love me
why did my father leave me? 

Without a word of goodbyes 
I just seen shame in his eyes 
Their ware no words of what was right 
in my poor little life 

all I have known was everything of the dark 
and it made it it's home 
given me all its wrongs with no hope
With no Love to show 

My life had no loved in it 
I almost died in my teens 
And my mother didn't even come to see me  
But you did that day 

My God you had spoken right too my heart 
Saying you love me from the start 
When My Mother and father left me 
You came in and started taking the lead 

I had never let you go 
this I put down in my book of long ago
for all to know you are mine
with many of my kind, 

This world is so blind 
they cannot see what love means 
I need you to stand up for what is true 
that would be my love for You.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1982

The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery


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