i could


sunday morning, brush my teeth and leave the house last

im driving and im watching cars pass

its a green light, take that left turn, and then i fall back,

now its too late, wait for that car crash

dented, scratched metal and shards of broken glass

last minute, and i hit the gas

what do i do now? what have i done? how long is this damage gonna last?

~ / ~ / ~ 


i could wish to change the war in the far east


or the daily brutality that happens on the streets


or even the hunger in africa that millions struggle and die trying to beat


but i would rather start with myself, as selfish as it seems


i would change how my mother was in the passenger seat


when i crashed the car and i could hear her scream


for her life, and for a second everything in view was a blurry sight


and it still is, everything's unclear like im staring through a mist


but i definitely have decided to change my life motivation


and thats an understatement, im going to work hard so you dont have to 


i dont know how, but ill find a way someday, to show how much i really love you


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