I Choose To Smile Today

People frown all the time,

and I don't think that's okay.

I wish that I could make them all smile.

There has to be a way...

Maybe I could sing a song,

or I could play a drum.

But what if they don't like music?

Then I'd just look dumb.

Maybe I could bake for all,

then maybe they could see

that I just want to see them smile;

there's nothing wrong with me.

Maybe I could sit them all down

and tell a story so great.

About the world and all it's contents,

maybe I'd go on to state;

you woke up today,

I hope you slept okay,

the plants are trying to grow.

Pollution is bad,

and though that is sad

there is something else I know.

Fight to preserve,

then all that you've heard,

about the Earth and all its problems

will cease to exist,

the problems will desist

and everything....

everything will be awesome.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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