I Choose Life

I am now a young woman, I have grown out of my princess heels. I left my tiara in the dirt, and traded it in for a shield. I'm sorry daddy, I told you I loved you above all, but I didn't expect that boy to trip me, I didn't expect to fall. He broke my heart and left it behind him, going down a different path. Then I was found with his child, and I faced my daddys wrath. He kicked me out into the street, with nothing to call my own. Except for a growing tummy, and a baby that didn't yet have bones. I walked myself into a white room, and asked them to take, the little life inside me, it was my choice to make. While I sat in the cold chair, and changed into a gown, I thought about the little life, and I felt as if I was about to drown. I'd never see my child grow or kick a soccer ball, I'd never take him to preschool, or hold his clammy hand in the hall. I'd never hold his little hand, or kiss him on the head. I'd never marvel at his unique drawings, or tuck him into bed. I'd never read him stories, or trudge with him through math. I'd never smell his "big boy" shampoo, or hear his squeaky laugh. I'd never nurse a scraped knee, or kiss a bruised blue arm. I'd never watch him go down a big slide, with an overwhelming sense of alarm. I'd never help him through a first date, or buying his first car, I'd never let him make a decision, or let him go far. I'd never see him graduate, and watch the black caps fly, I'd never feel his strong arms wrap around me when I cried. I'd never tell him I was proud of all that he had done, I'd never get the chance, to call this boy my son. And so before I ended his story, before it even began, I began to weep, and I grabbed the doctors hand. Give this boy life, and give me mine too! I never wanted this reality to be true. Let us live together, let us be family, I need this little boy and this little boy needs me. I choose life and I choose his, forever and always he will be, my son, my child, my beautiful baby.


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