I Care

Sat, 11/22/2014 - 10:24 -- KEGray


Our country professes to value children

Yet when you look at everyone’s priority list

They are at the bottom.

No paternity leave

Maternity leave is short and unpaid.

Stay-at-home moms are looked down upon as lazy.

Or the standard of living expects both parents to work

Just to be able to provide.

But I value children.

I want to see them succeed.

I am a teacher.

I don’t have all the materials my classroom needs

So I provide it myself.

I sacrifice what little money I make to help your child succeed.

I am far from perfect

But I love the children I teach.

And to those children, that is more important than my experience.

More important than my amount of schooling.

Having a teacher value them as individuals

Helps them succeed.

The school system doesn’t help.

They fill classrooms with thirty kids

And expect the same quality as a classroom with fifteen.

They tell us to deal with it ourselves

When we have a child who continually disrupts the class and learning of the other children.

I don’t have the resource of time to give that child the help he needs

No matter how much I want to and try.

But I try.

Your child is just as important as the well behaved child.

Your child is an individual

With past experiences and his own temperament

That shape who he is today.

He is worthy of love.

He is worthy of attention.

I give him as much as I can.

Though I am a student myself

Working towards this goal

Of becoming a teacher

I care.

And that makes me flawless.


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