I can't tell you I'm poor.



I am committed -no- destined to make a better life for myself

I work in the day, I don’t have time that is free

No, I don’t have an inherited wealth.

I am overwhelmed and I wont tell you what I need.


Groceries are too expensive, at least that’s how it seems.

I eat very little, and my friends help when they can tell.

I take chances to accomplish my dreams

And whatever I do, I make sure I do it well.


My hard work will pay off, and it releases my sorrow.

I am strong, I am intelligent, I work and I say

‘I work towards my dreams and know that tomorrow

I will give myself and loved ones a new better day’


With a few thousand dollars I know I could be

A bit more relaxed, let go of some strife.

Yes, I long to feel a little more free

It’s just not my time to feel so stable in life


These struggles are making me stronger you see

Yours made you, you; and mine, make me, me.


Need to talk?

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