I Can't Sleep

It's 11:16 and I can't fall to sleep
I can't tell if it's the weather
If it's excitement or dread. 
Maybe it's the dark in my room,
or the monster under my bed.
It could be the bombs calling my doom.
I could be exahusted from the day that I had;
children where crying and faxes were sent.
Maybe I'm weak from the labor and fields.
Possibly hungry and cold in the street.
I could be lonely.
Maybe that's why I can't fall to sleep.

It's 11:23 and I'm still not asleep
The people outside quawk and preach
Mocking birds call at the top of their lungs
My spouse yells at the children in the hall
I can't fall asleep for a million reasons
The dreams were unsettling and the moon was to bight
I don't think I will get any sleep tonight.

It's midnight and I just re-awoke
My nightmare pulling the sheets up around me
The children clinging to my limbs and body.
The heat of the house woke me awake, 
now I don't think I'll ever be the same.
Maybe the cat was meowling to loud 
Perhaps someone cried outloud.
What ever the reason,
I'm still not asleep 
Where ever I am it's not pleasant
I Am.


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