I Can't Live, if Living is Without

It's not gonna take an encyclopedia,

To understand life without social media.

Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, and Twitter,

Gets my head and my hands all in a jitter.

In the landtime forgot, there was U.S. mail,

But who wants scoop at the speed of a snail?

Then there was phones, connected with a line,

Well that one sends shivers all down my spine.

Along came printing, in the form of a newspaper,

But i'd rather have my info sooner than later. 

Oh and morse code, WOW, that's so old.

A pigeon! Oh smidgen. Pony Express! God Bless.

So my life is complete, I have all I need, 

Cause when I want scoop, Social Media has the speed.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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