I Can't Even Tell You

I can't even tell you

How angry I feel

When you say that you love me

But your voice is all slurred


I wish I could tell you

How I'm feeling inside

But you never listen

I know 'cause I've tried


How often you tell me

You're so tired every day

Work wears you out

No time for your family


I so want to tell you

"Come out of your room"

"Stop drinking so much"

"You're not the same"


I don't even mean it

When I tell you "I love you"

What else can I say?

It's what you want to hear


I can't even tell you

How pissed off I get

When you yell at my mom

When it wasn't her fault


I just have to tell you

How sad that it made me

When I drew you a picture

And you threw it away


I wish I could show you

One day I'll be famous

I'll move out of your house

And then you will miss me


I can't even tell you

The things that I've done

The boys that I've loved

You'd ruin the fun


I can't even tell you

The pain that I felt

When you called me a bitch

And I couldn't fight back


I wish we were closer

This relationship mended

Like father like daughter

As stubborn as you are


If I only could change you

And gain your respect

You'd never push me away

I might welcome you back.


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