I can't dig myself

I can't dig myself out of this hole.

One I dug myself into.

This figurative ditch that I

Got Thrown, pushed, shoved into.

Staring into the black.

Knowing that down here my hopes and dreams are


Unreachable. Unrealistic. Unattainable.


How funny that as I claw myself out of this hole

I simultaneously bury myself in my unrequited hopes and dreams.

Unsure of how to get myself out

Or even how I dug myself in.

Why I'm bleeding

Into my darkness

I'm ozing

A marionette being played by the Fates

Pulled into 'functioning' and 'smiling'

By the strings they call my life. 

Survival is key.

Just a puppet.

On their familial strings.






when I was a kid I tried to make a club house by digging a hole don't ask me why. Anyway, I had this little shovel and I dug the hole a little too deep I couldn't climb out. I sat there wondering what  I could do. I started carving stairs into the side and climbed out of there. Maybe, you can somehow find a way to carve some-symbolically of course. Just a thought. You are capable of doing anything if you put your mind to it, but you have to believe that you can actually do it to succeed. :)

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