I Can't Breathe.

You may play me out and have the media cover me up and show me as a lie.
but this kind of rage and heartache can never be covered up with all the bloodshed 
flowing in the street, and many not understanding why
 I can't Breathe
When all we asked for was peace, and for the ones who were suppose to protect us, riot and show us as the one who are asking for the blood being shed in our own streets,
welcome to America, where a woman who aborts a fetus is considered a murderer but a white man who shoots an unarmed  black child isn't, and that's a reason why
I can't breathe
He's gone now, micheal brown was eighteen when shot down. There is no rest in this revolution I understand why people mistunderstood him, because they tell us to be scared. But were scared of the wrong people because the ones who are shooting, choking and holding us down are the ones who should be protecting, helping and saving these towns but no, and that's what I can't take and why I and many others 
Can't Breathe anymore. 
How many must die before something changes? I'd give names of the ones who been known and unarmed but "dangerous" but they're killing so many people faster and faster that its to much to keep up to date with, I don't understand, how a trained officer gets so outrageous that he guns a man down and get away with it.
I Can't breathe
Because opression is holding me by the neck and it just wont let go of the words being said, and blood being spread through not only America but everywhere. A shot heard round the world not once, not twice, but seven times. It hurts me to the point were
I can't Breathe.
hands up, don't shoot because the facts are blurred the system is corrupt and a revolution is rising in the world leaving people breathless.


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