I Can Only Dream


As I travel in the gloomy forest of false sensations,

I can feel the deathly reach of infinite temptations.

Lost in woe; Torture and Agony be my guides!

I feel myself abandoned in the guise.


Suddenly a blinding, engulfing light ruptures

The dark thicket- the sensations obscures

Me yet I accept it as if know intimately.

As my pupils acclimate, an image is revealed ultimately.


I encounter a tender, warm, and benevolent sensitivity;

There is no malice in this cherubic entity,

only kindness, wisdom, and sinless beauty-

The purest of hearts pale in comparison to this cutie.


This shining glory is my love;

Slowly floating down with the innocence of a dove.

With her as my muse, the impossible is nothing.

The worldly vices are now fading.


All I long for is her divine kiss,

But this wretch will never know that bliss.

For as I close to the gleam,

She ceases to be- I can only dream


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