I can hear America


United States
28° 47' 50.8812" N, 100° 12' 54.5688" W

I can hear America working
their shuffling feet and their clasping hands
I can hear America singing
with their tutting horms and their high pitched whistles
I can hear America speaking
with their wise words and their unforgettable quotes
I can hear America listening
with open ears and their ready words
Yet I can't hear, nor see, nor move, nor work
Because in this land
I was not an american, I was born outside.
I can hear america
I can hear their shuffling feet, and their clasping hands,
I can hear their songs and i can hear their words
I can hear them all
I can America working for their dream
I can hear America moving for what they want.
I am not from American but I am human
I can hear America working, moving, shuffling and singing
all outside the fence.

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