I Can Feel It

I can feel it!

I can Feel it!

I can feel the energy pulsating through my veins.  An energy unlike that I have ever seen before.

Dark, black, and speckled with diamonds,

It is the push behind time.  The pull behind gravity.  The spark that starts the hearts of suns which fuels the furnace of life; I can Feel it!

This mysterious, majestic, mystical, maddening energy I can Feel it! I can See it! I can Hear it!

This power that men have sought after for ages pulsates through my body powering the cells that keep me alive.

It overflows from my fingertips through which I channel it with a pencil and a piece of paper.



If you close your eyes and cover your ears with the palms of your hands, you too can hear it.  You too can see it.  You too can feel this sacred and pure energy rushing through your veins.



When you listen hard enough it goes: lub dub, lub dub, lub dub

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