I Bet You Don't Know

Sat, 10/12/2013 - 00:46 -- earroyo

I bet you don't know who I really am 

I bet you just see that long hunched over body laying on the top of my desk 

I bet you just see that tired looking girl looking aimlessly around the class

I bet you see an average 17 year old girl with no motivation, a lazy girl.

You're wrong, heres what you don't see.

You don't see the girl that is neglected by her father and his replacement family

You don't see the girl that gets inspired by little glimpses of nature on her way to class

You don't see a child that is constantly being put down and critizced

You don't see my dreams and aspirations even though they flow right out of my being

So heres the thing; you don't see me.

Do not be so quick to judge, spreading slurs like "that girl is such a slacker, she isn't going a damn place in her life" in the faculty room

Here is what you wont see: 

You won't see me as a successful woman giving back to my community

You won't see me bettering myself as a person 

You won't see me living my life with joy and passion 

I feel bad for you teacher, you are blind to all that I bring. Open your eyes to the lives of not only me but to all of my classmates

You'd be surprised by what you don't see.



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