I Bet on the Alphabet

Aching inside with a need unmet

Bubbling, brewing, bathed in sweat

Catastrophe made with a single wave

Dumped on sand alone at bay           

Eaten away by the days unknown

Fate’s skill of cruelty honed

Grieving all the nights alone

Hardly alive until a thought was grown

Inside was life I had yet to give

Just a fragment so I could barely live

Keeping all the moments alive

Lingering like a taste on the tongue

Making a masterpiece beneath the sun

No one but myself and I

Open eyes fearless to lie

Pieces of stick being the only ally

Quenching a thirst on a throat that’s dry

Readied and done with a battle nearly won

Sketched out in the grains something pulled from my brain

Trivial letters speaking clearly and plain

Unknown forever beyond the beach

Vacant yet full so it now seemed

Words upon words to write and read

Xiphoid things dare not compare

Yes reading them was better, maybe better than air

Zesty and comfortable lied those letters on the sand

All from the alphabet that I held within

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