I Believe In You


I believe in you when all your chips are down 
or no one else is around. 
I believe in you no matter where you go 
or when your self esteem is low. 
I believe in you when a cigarettes left your hand
but in the other is a Budlight can.
I believe in you when school has no interest, 
and you've failed that last test.
I believe in you when the addictions just don't stop 
or twenty years from now and you're the one holding the mop. 
I believe in you because you stand for something and didn't fall for anything. 
I believe in you because peer pressure was a trail and yet you went the extra mile. 
You took the storm and never let it go. 
You wrestled it back and forth, left and right, to and fro'.
You stood alone for what was right 
and in the end you won the fight.
You looked death in the face 
and told him this is a one man race.
You walked the road alone sometimes 
and still got caught up in crime. 
You spent some time in a four wall cell
but still and yet it's not close to hell. 
You go to church on Sunday morning,
hoping to forget last nights going. 
This I believe in you.
I believe in you when you may become a father.
I believe in you even when you felt it was a bother.
I believe in you when you fall asleep in every class.
I believe in you when your car runs out of gas.
I believe in you when smoke doesn't stop to rest.
I believe in you when you're not at your best. 
You took the time to be a breathing soul. 
You ran through life not completing every goal. 
Yes it was hard and sometimes you may have lied
but the thing that matters is how you really tried
This I believe in you.
Your life may be rough 
and the path you paved may have been tough 
and yes you've worn a number of handcuffs
but give or take, in life you've had enough.
You've raised your hand for questions 
and sat through long elections.
You've told the judge your share of confessions 
and you've taken random injections.
But life is not complete, just make a different selection.
You can make it through
even when you’re without a clue
just walk away and break away the glue
because I believe in who?
This I Believe in you
You've walked in the rain. 
You've had your aches and pains. 
They say you're the one to blame, 
yet you walked right through the burning flame 
You’ve played the life changing games
and you're hard to explain 
because I didn't say your name.
This I believe in you
So I believe in you through thick and thin. 
I believe in you when you're in the State Pen.
I believe in you when you walk right through the gate. 
I believe in you if you go to Penn State.
I believe in life itself with all the things we'll do.
Yes. Yes. I believe. I believe in you


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