I Believe In America

Despite our differences
Despite the tragedies
Despite the hate

I believe in you, America.

The shootings
The killings
The attacks

I thought you were better than that.

Land of the free
At least thats what i thought
before i heard the people plea.

Freedom of religion
that we may practice wherever,
But when people become belligerent
That's when they shut us down, forever.

Freedom of speech
that we may stand up for what we believe in,
But they say not to teach
We just can't ever win.

But i believe in you, America.

Why is it that we have learned to hate?
Hate our brothers and sisters
I thought we could start a new slate.

When did we start to discriminate those of different races?
Just because they don't have the "ideal" faces.

America needs to change
because I don't want to feel like i'm in a cage.

I want to be in a country where i feel i have a place
i want to be in a country where i feel safe.
I want to be in a country where there's no violence
I don't want my voice to have to be silenced.

I believe we can accomplish all these things
If we come together as a whole
We're only human beings
America, I know you have a soul.

I need to pay respect to where respect is due
So America, here's to you.

This poem is about: 
My country


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