This I Believe

If someday soon,
The world should end...
If light should no longer flow
Into the awakened eyes of each day,
In everyone who has risen once before;
If humanity ceases to be,
I do not think it is the end.

If the world should end tomorrow,
Or next summer,
I suspect nobody will be ready.
There may be fear and misunderstanding, chaos...
Perhaps there will be desperate acts and disbelief,
Maybe even despair.
Is it so horrible?
To transcend the old bodies of the human race?
This end is not the end..
Yet we seem to understand that only in mathematical Terms: infinity and even negative infinity.
Yet there has never been an end,
Not in any history I know.
Only repeated stories,
Repeated understandings,
Repeated why
Should there suddenly be an ending?

We are beings of consciousness,
We take on this earthly form to experience the gift of life here...and we have purpose in doing so,
Can you tell?
I believe that this is temporary,
But it is life...
For as long as it is meant to be,
But there is the Beyond here
Which perplexes our thoughts to the point of utter hysterics and ignorance;
I do not think ignorance is bliss;
I am compelled to figure out Truth
and honest history,
history before merely his-story.
So, I am very curious for life.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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