I believe


I believe in the power of grace,

The strength that lies within us,

The act of forgiveness which can repair hearts and end wars,

The power of love that dwells within a family,

The idea that anyone and everyone can change,

Passion, honor, faith.


But I don’t believe in laziness; if you wait for life to come to you, you’ll never live.

I don’t believe that America’s “ignorance” should be looked upon as “bliss.”

I don’t believe that those who work the hardest, are those who become the most successful.

Pride, Greed, Arrogance.


I believe that pure joy can be achieved through simple pleasures.

That the bravery of our soldiers is the only thing that keeps our nation standing tall,

That the gift of life should never be questioned, no matter the cost.

Courage, hope, independence.


And I believe in the compassion of God,

                                         And that through faith, any struggle can be conquered.




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