I Became a Poet

Sun, 07/17/2016 - 22:59 -- EmiSu

Poetry has always been present,

I just never really paid attention to it

Until I learned to appreciate it,

Understand it.

I was fascinated by Shakespeare's sonnets,

Emily Dickenson's dark poems.

I found connection in the words, 

And Poetry became an important part of my life. 

When I became a writer,

I didn't decide to be a poet,

I just was, in my own unique way.

Poetry came in the form of lyrics,

Which I started writing at the age of twelve.

I liked to tell stories,

And I was inspired by music,

By artists who wrote beautiful compositions

Of words that created bursts of emotions,

That made me feel something,

That made me belong, that was relatable.

That's when it all began for me,

Using inspiration from my influences

To impact the stories I would weave.

As I grew older, the stories shifted.

It became more personal, 

And I found that writing was a healing process.

I wrote about the little girl who left a war-torn country,

A girl who was striving to fit in,

Especially in places that felt like home,

Places that she felt left out of constantly,

A girl who was the black sheep.

Poetry is an escape to me. 

The words are a way to express emotions that I keep to myself,

Writing is my way of venting everything bottledu p inside,

And learning to cope with everything I face.

I write for myself,

In hopes that I will discover who I am

And come to terms with what I've lost.

I write to heal old scars,

To say goodbye to people who left too soon, 

To leave behind teh girl that I once was

In hopes of becoming a stronger person,

a woman more confident in herself.

I became a poet because it was a way

To alleviate the emotions that plague my heavy heart.

I became a poet because it is easier to express myself,

To show who I am

Through the words that flow from my pen,

From the words that stain the pages of my journal

Words that are forever inked on my soul.

I became a poet to keep my sanity,

To come to terms with the deck life dealt me,

And learn to make the best of what I have.

I became a poet in hopes of finding myself in the words,

Because lately it's been difficult to know who I am.

Poety came bursting into my life.

Stories told by other poets showed me that I wasn't alone,

That words seem to bring comfort to internal battles we face.

Poetry has been a cushion to break the fall,

To release this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia

And the sadness for things that I've lost

As well as people that I've had let go

(some that I still struggle to hold on to),

A comfort for life's disappointments.

I write to feel,

To release the emotions that are buried.

I write to tell my story,

To accept who I am and everything that defines me,

To release emotions and stories.

I am a poet,

And this is why I write.




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