I Became An Adult

I can't remeber the last time I counted the amount of creases I had on my forehead.

The last time I actually paid attention,

Like actually woke up and stretched out my legs, while my bones told me to take my time because I am not young as I use to be, was about three years ago. 

I remeber when I was seventeen years old, I would scrunch my forehead to get creases so that I would look older.

I miss those naive days, I miss them now. 

I did not miss them then.

I knew I became an adult when my mother told me she was not able to support the family finacially like she use to because her health condition could not afford it.

I became an adult when I looked into my cupboard and all we had were three cans of tuna for dinner.

I became an adult when I recieved my paycheck and two-thirds of it went into rent.

I became an adult when I knew I needed a new job.

I became an adult when I knew if I jumped in front of those cars, I would only bring problems for my family.

I became an adult when I decided to be the solution.

Over the years, I did not glow up nor snuff out, rather I dimmed.

Adulthood means to be aware; to be able recognize your situation and doing something about it.

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