I Am...Who I Am.

I Am

not what I have done. 

Not what I do.

Not what I will do. 

I Am. 

If we say we are human beings    

and not human doings,  

then why do we obsess with what we do? 

By what we wear? 

By what we eat? 

By what we acheive? 

Where is our value? 


I just Am


You see, before I believed the false as true. 

That if I could just strive,  

I would be liked by you. 

All I had to do was survive. 

Yet, behind the veil...

I was hiding. 

I was ashamed. 

I was embarassed. 

I didn’t know who I was. 

Who I really was

What was my Name? 


I cried.


Who am I? 

My efforts, accomplishments, and looks were not enough.

By the end of the day

all I could ask and say was, 


“Who am I?”


One day I put my foot down.

I decided to be the person I was created to be.

I decided to be free.

I decided to be me.

I prayed, “Open up the places unspoken!” 

Since then a journey of the unknown began.  

Fear, Discouragement, and Doubt began to rise.

Yet excitemnt, courage, and faith rose even higher

It’s taken risks, leaps, and steps.

It hasn’t been easy. 

It’s only been worth it. 

It’s not about doing. 

It’s all about becoming.

Becoming free.

Becoming me. 

And now...

I am who I am. 

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