I Am...The Anxious One

Tue, 09/22/2015 - 19:49 -- Jen G

The anxious one, I try to sleep

Hoping for my mind to keep

Away the restlessness, in vain

These type of nights end up the same

The anxious one, I stay awake

Even though my body aches

Afraid I won’t get sleep again

Not until tomorrow ends

It’s not the insomnia I fear

Rather the burden of being here

Under covers that won’t let me rest

Thinking of words that lapse in my head


Some days I hope for somewhere to leave

Sometimes I feel I live only to breathe

When I was young, it wasn’t this way

But now it’s something that won’t go away

It happens because I’m an anxious one

Working at scenes that will never feel done

Now I’ll walk to fill my mind

With problems better left behind

And if by eve they aren’t solved

If the plots are not resolved

I’ll worry at them, or forget

And not worry again until I’ve slept


I’ve learned to live on the inside

And learning now, whether to speak or to hide

I’m staring at walls long into nights

Nights that create half-finished sights

Images and acts that I bear into life

In order to bear them into lives

Retiring at the close to goodnights and goodbyes

Returning to where I

The anxious one lie.

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