I am...scholarship poem

  I am a girl

who when she was little belived in the world

She imagined that she would be innocent and pure 

 Although when she looked in the mirror and didn't like what she saw

Through every braid and bump on her jaw

she thought no one would love her

excepting her fate 

she decided to take any guy she could take

so night after night she  dealt with guys 

who only wanted to be inbetween her thighs

thinking that it was ok to be used 

because at lest then a guy noticed you 

That innocent girl cried herself to sleep 

wishing for a guy who she could keep 

after awhile the young girl snapped 

she realized that idiot guys shouldn't act like that 

she deserved better and That's what she would get 

I am a girl 

who knows her self worth

who knows that she's beautiful no matter what others say 

a girl who wants to be a teacher 

to make sure other boys and girls never feel this way 

I am Chelsey George 


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