Beautiful black girl


This  goes out to all of the people who judge me because I can’t read or spell and they sure didn’t think I could tell the difference between an


adjective or noun kind,,honest,hopeful, idea ,voice, father, friend ……..  but yet everyone would look at me and call me that beautiful that girl who always had a smile on her face


but only if they knew i was dying inside and my smile was really up side

down because I stayed up all night crying for him  


But only if they knew my soul felt empty from all those pills I took for each lie I told I lay there


My body restless I just wanted my soul to rest and I thought that would caress my soul but that only


Bought back the thought that everyone called me that beautiful black girl who was perfect but if I said yes to that It would make me sound crazy


Looking in mirror I see a broken image and I am picking up the pieces that girl was broken from hurt and pain but

Yet that became her gain so I sat back and stopped caring about the judgements that everyone said because it don't define me or you


Being that beautiful black girl came with pain and endless tears she turned the bad into good and picked up a dictionary and begin to read


She stopped loving him more  than she loved herself that beautiful black girl was creative and one of a kind but now everyone can see that beautiful black girl she has grown to be


That was just me but I decided to tell my story because I sat back and realized that someone else would have told the story of that beautiful black girl who was me


I am expected to be everything that everyone wanted me to be and that girl was made up of pieces trying to be that beautiful black girl that everyone sees which is mom little angel and


daddy little girl but that ain’t the case I realize that my whole life has a plan made for me and daydream of being happy haunt  me because the past is a bad nightmare that won’t let up


someone told me that love is blind but who knew it would be me who is blindsided by a moment that won’t last forever who is that beautiful black girl I look in  mirror and I would say thats  me



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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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