I Am a Woman

Mon, 10/12/2015 - 16:19 -- Jenny



I am a woman
I refuse to walk with my head bowed
I've been through too much, God has seen my pain.
I'm a woman. From a womb I was made and now on earth's dust I stand. Conceived to be great. Strong as a bull, but my insides are tender. 

Said to be stupid, yet I was created in the image of someone Great. Hands that are firm, but can gently rock a child to sleep. A heart like mount Everest , I can hold the world inside. Able to carry my whole families burden on my back. House work is a lot but I've learned from it. 

I'll continue to walk with pride. I have ambitions. I'm a child of God. He made me this way. I am a woman. I am the future, but for what it holds we will never see. A girl of great courage, transformed into a figure of outspoken thoughts. I am a feature of praise. Tirelessly strolling to where my faith may lead me. 

Bold and independent I'm able to survive without man. I am a woman. Passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. I've traveled many many miles and now my feet are worn. Hair grows long down my back, it is my glory, my pride and my joy. Strong enough to face my journey. 

Others get very dark internally until my light shines on their faces. My smile is deep enough to sew the skin of that child's wrist back together. I am a woman. With power like a lion, I've made myself King, of the world, life, and the universe. I live to please.


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