I Am Woman

Born with the XX chromosome,
A little girl,
Growing up in a world,
Too big for her to understand.
A dad,
That got the hardest job:
To protect his daughter,
From the countless dangers,
In today’s society.
A teenager,
Learning how to love,
And protect herself,
(‘Cause Dad’s not always gonna be around.)
A teenager,
Defined as attitude,
Who’s supposed to roll her eyes,
And hate her parents.
(She’ll regret that later.)
A girl that,
At seventeen,
Already has regrets,
Made mistakes,
And wants to go back in time,
To change her past.
She is maturing more and more,
Every day.
She can’t stands some of the guys in her school,
Because of their maturity levels,
But she knows,
With time,
They’ll get better.
She is a hard working young woman,
Focusing on what’s important:
And her future.
In the future,
She will be a woman,
She won’t be the kind of woman,
That bears children,
Right out of college,
Or before she is stable and married.
She won’t be the stereotype,
That is engraved into her.
She won’t take any shit from anybody,
Because no one is gonna tell her,
Who she is,
Where she goes,
Or what she does.
She will stand up for herself,
Speak about her experiences,
And change the lives of those around her.
She will be strong,
And independent.
And loving.
She will cry for a reason,
Laugh every day,
And live life happily.
She will be someone to lean on,
And always be there for her loved ones,
No matter the distances in between.
She will be proud of where she comes from.
She will be a wonderful wife,
And teacher.
She will be the kind of woman,
No one ever forgets.


The Broad



Is that a good "ooofff?" :)

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