I Am What I Choose To Be: Imagination


I am creative and laidback

I wonder about the bundle of variations called the multiverse

I hear the cackles of the last Shifkin before it engulfs its prey in one glup

I see a kagen born of shining kirins and slumbering trestrals

I want to reshape my physical form on a daily basis


I am accepting of all possibilities and paranoid of the dangers that follow

I pretend to create and reinvent universes as I ride with the Chaos Champions

I feel an empty chasm where my joy once resides

I touch the silky tufts of fur that peek between the ebony scales of a kagen

I worry that the Corruption will warp my life until I either die or break

I cry about the decimation of the beautiful nature that once surrounded me at birth


I am accepting of unusual aspects of what surrounds me and caring for the psyche-damaged and heart-shattered

I understand that there exist other universes besides the universe that I reside in

I say that there may be a universe where imagination is reality and reality is imagination

I dream of entering unknown universes to witness new wonders that my world cannot provide

I try to create heroes bound within obsidian words on alabaster scenery

I hope that the world I know now will improve to better sustain life


I am ever-changing and ever-wondering

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