I am the way I am


Dark circles under my eyes,

I'm not trying to impress any guy!

What is the reason for the filter?

I'm not even sure why.

When I was little, I was burned with oil

now my face is a turmoil.

I've hid all of my scars,

but now it's time to shine with the stars.

I don't need any app that makes me look wack.

Or any opinion from some minion that will make me feel like a million.

I've been changed by society, but not anymore.

I won't go to the app store to look for more reasons to dislike myself,

when I can just be myself.

I don't need to fix my makeup

because when I wake up I already look perfect,

I just need to work it.

There's nothing wrong with my blackheads,

but there's something wrong in your head

if you think that I'm not worth it just because my skin isn't perfect.

I know I have freckles, but society doesn’t understand

that the reason I was born like this is because I am the way I am.


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