I am Waiting

Someday somebody’s gonna treat you right

They’ll take your hand and hold it tight

They’ll keep you safe all through the night

And remind you how you loved to write


I am waiting waiting for the day to come

When I won’t be the lonely one

A game to most, a prize to some

I’m doomed to wait til the game is done


And I’d hold your hand if you asked me to

I’d walk through heaven or hell with you

I’ve lived through both and thought of you

Some dances are only meant for two


I am waiting for the skies to part

For you to hear my beating heart

The next chapter of our book to start

To rip the saddest pages apart


Do not fear the break of dawn

The rising sun when night is gone

The trail as time goes marching on

The piercing sound of a distant swan


I am waiting by the lake you see

Beneath the shade of a willow tree

Waiting for you to come find me

And oh my dear I guarantee

That once you do, we’ll both be free

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