I felt so hurt inside

I didn't know whether to live or  die

never smiled because all I did was cry

As I let your abusive words eat into my soul

I thought how can a person be so cold ?

how can someone have such a evil soul ?

how can someone have a heart so cold?

hmm....guess will never know

word after word, syllable after syllable

I slowly started to die

by giving the bully satisfaction

to see the power the bully had over me

was like I was the bully's product because I know satisfaction was guaranteed

as tears poured from my eyes

I questioned myself was I alive ?

I thought this was america land of the free and home of the brave

I knew right there that I wasn't free I was living as the bully slave

I wish the bully words would stop living in my head I wish that I could evict them 

but I can't because I AM A VICTIM .





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