I Am a Twinkling Light

I am a twinkling light,

That stands out in the darkest night,

I am the smile on my mother’s face,

When she sees me overcome my mistakes,

I am the gleaming eyes of my father,

Who is overwhelmed with pride for his daughter,

I am a dear memory,

I bring back tears, laughter, gaiety,

I am the familiar bend in the road,

The gentle word that reminds you of home,

I am the storm, the wave, the pain,

But I am also the bright sky, the stars, and the rain,

I am a trespasser into darkness,

I am guilty and I was held hostage,

I am a fire that burns bright and fast,

That feeds steadily on ‘till its time has passed,

I am a blind woman walking,

Following the path of life without balking.


I am free, I have found my wings to soar.


I am shackled, fettered, and restrained no more.


I am a novice, just beginning life.


I am a learner, I plan, I strive.


I am what I think, say, and do,

I am what I believe, feel, and pursue,

I am what I was, and I am what I will be,

I am who I am, and that’s simply me.


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