I am thankful

Sun, 01/28/2018 - 20:51 -- sloanie

I am grateful for the taste of chocolate and buttercream that lingers on my tongue after my four hour work shift at Sees. 

Thankful for the way the chocolate smells, and the social interaction makes everyday life a little more bearable, and the medication that keeps me sane.

 I am thankful that my coworkers are sweet — just like the candy we sell — and I can hold semi-decent conversations with them. 

I am thankful for my manager, Kristina, who is the nicest, most easy going person I’ve ever met. 


I am thankful for my heart, which no matter how many times its been broken still beats.

I am thankful for my thick skin, 

for the way it’s always sheltered me.

I am thankful for blue skies, and sun-kissed hair.

Thankful for living in a place so beautiful,

even if I often take it for granted.

I am thankful for amazing brothers, and clean bedsheets and covers. 

Thankful for being able to learn, and grow, and discover. 

I am proud of who I am, and all of the places I plan to go.

Proud of my body which I have put through stress, and pain.

Proud that I can still say I am a survivor.

Proud that I’m that much closer to leaving. 

Proud that through it all I’ve stood strong.

But mostly,

I am thankful for new beginnings, 

and the ability to end old chapters, 

and to grow from toxic experiences.

That I have the power to choose what happens next,

and who I allow to journey with me.

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I am using your poem for my poetry piece. I would really love it if I could use your real name for it. You can email me at camifulton@gmail . Thank you!

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