I recall that day perfectly well.

I was in my house getting ready to study,

When it collapsed into the ground rapidly.

It felt like the end of time,

I am a survivor.


One could take it as the end of time since it was a terrible catastrophe.

It was worst than a zombie apocalypse.

I lay there not wanting to fight back in my misery,

Because I was in disbelief that my family was alive.

Thank God, that most of them was alive,

But I still lost my older sister and my little cousin,my little angels.

I’m a survivor, because I stood still strong even when I felt like ceding.


 I detest talking about those memories but they are a part of my life,

I can’t talk about my past, without this tragic event that camouflaged into my life.

Just like you can’t talk about a caterpillar transforming to a butterfly in his cycle of life.

But guess what? This has made stronger than a thousand seas.

I’m a survivor.


I believe that I was made to be resilient to everything that comes in my way.

I have dreams and ambitions, even if it means to climb the Himalayan Mountains

to pass my obstacles I will do the impossible without hesitation, like jumping into a deep fountain.

 My whole life has given me clues about how I am special in my own way.


Now I know that I’m stronger than a lion deprived of food since three weeks.

My shocking past has made me who I'm, shaped me into who I'm today,

I'm a survivor.

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