I Am The Sun

There are six billion people,

Living in our world,

But imagine being lost,

In a sky of one hundred billion stars,


Because from where we stand,

None seem to differ,

And like humans, they all tend to look the same,

Yet we know each one is complex,


But also like humans,

Only a small few of them are famous,

And bring the beauty of their kind to the masses,

Who then praise them as wonders, spectacles, and gods,


That is when they turn into suns.


For a sun is a star who has earned the title King,

The one who decides who lives and who dies,

And whose mere presence forces others to worship his might,

Because he is the beginning and end of all things,


And the king holds the treasure,

Because not only does he shine with amazing brilliance,

But inside of him he forms the elements which we hold dear,

Such as gold, platinum, and silver


Even now we worship his gifts,

Dawning ourselves in shimmering chains of gold,

Sparkling rings of platinum,

And glimmering bracelets of silver,


We are given these gifts after a sun dies,

Combined with the gloriousness of his explosive demise,

We are showered with the stardust that creates life,

And all of us as well,


For we are built of stardust,

And maintained by another king’s light,

His warmth and glow maintains us,

And he does it all without asking for anything in return,


The sun sits quietly in the sky,

Requiring nothing,

As he honorably does his job,

And provides warmth and happiness to his subjects,


He is powerful yet he gives so much,

Ripening our food so that we may eat,

Warming our flesh so that we may live well,

Graciously providing for the that we may thrive,


That is what I wish to be,

Why I prefer to call a star a sun,

Despite what others might say,

Because a star can get lost amongst others like it,


How often I sit by and watch,

And give until it hurts,

Never asking for anything in return,

Denying my generosity when asked,


Like a ball of winding fire,

I act as if I am dangerous,

And make others feel that I am vicious,

When in reality...


I am loving,

I am passionate,

I am powerful,

I am a sun


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