I am Strong (Just not for Me)

I am the one everyone leans on

But in the end I lean on the line

I can pick up all the pieces that are broken

Just not my own

How is it that the weak help the weak?

I find inner strength

And like weeds, I pull from the ground

For something new and beautiful to grow

They often ask me "What's wrong,?"

I reply I'll be fine, when deep inside I know I am not

I guess I feed of their emotions 

Like a vulture to the dead

But instead I bring the dead back to life

I raise all hope for others to see

But my hope is dead, nothing can be done

For a friend I can move the planet, that gets to close to the sun

But for me I will just get burn

For anyone I love I can part the sea like Moses did

But like Pharaoh, for me, I will drown

I am strong, bold and courageous 

Just not for me


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