I am strong

I was going to write a pretty little poem

about words

But now my pretty little words shall turn a phrase

about words that parants say

which failure shall we alight today?

sting like blunt knives

thousands of punctured pins

become a cactus of inhospitality


whats that?

no kind words can be spoken without a means to an end

creul, manipulative, fire,

licking inside me, eating my heart

love forged by decayed hate

for soft? do you hear yonder Bellows? Screams? Shouts?

Through the cracks of a weathered door

but still where is the meaning?

bickering like children, who is the real adult here

yet the child through the flicker beams of sooty light

understands more

danicng across the floor from the terrible door

goes thunder, goes argument

describe me i am


they say 

i am living the battle feild that is the dollhouse, the plastic soldiers, the glass heart

bombarded by doubt

describe me, i am

anxiety, confusion, guilt

its crippling its hate

17 years ive been told to listen

17 years ive been told im a child

17 years and ive been told i have no voice on the matter

18 years and i relize i am allowed to get mad, i am allowed to cry, i am allowed to be human,

thank god for the tears are upwelling

and a mantra bubbles forth im telling

see alll the things im spelling

my throat constricts  and words alight upon a moistened tounge

read my lips

I am strong

This poem is about: 
My family
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