I Am: Story of Me

Tasia Jewel

2 November 2015


I Am: Story of Me

I am 3 years old

Surrounded by the love of my family

A feeling of unity

I am happy


I am 7 years old

Father has been gone for some time now

Brother leaves for college soon

Mom says this will make us stronger

I am lost


I am 11 years old

Mom is rarely home- she works three jobs

Father is a ghost

Brother sends his love, he wishes he wasn’t far away

Our family is broken

I am broken


I am 14 years old

Mom says we are moving

I don’t mind- I’d like to move away

Away from a place full of pain- a new start

I am hopeful

I am 17 years old

I’ve learned how to be independent

I’ve learned how to give and receive love- true happiness

I’ve learned to live

I am resilient


This poem is about: 
My family


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