I Am a Storm

I am a storm.

I am loyal,
If you don’t break my trust.
I am dangerous,
If you ruin your chance.
I am restless,
If you care to look.

I can smile like the stars.
I can kiss and tell.
I can give you a shot of morphine for that knife wound in your back.

I am broken.
I am volatile.
I am creative.
I am a daughter of the sun and moon.
I am a creator and a weaver.
I am a nightmare in eyeliner.

I will be your friend forever,
Or that girl who won’t give you another chance.
It’s your choice which mask I show you.

I am thunder and lightning.
I am a lover and a fighter.
I am wind and rain.
I am the choice to give up or keep going.
I am hail and frost.
I am a window to your own mind.

Just step into the storm.

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