I Am Still Waiting


Your face says you don't care if  I'm not speaking about

you even if I'm speaking to

you. Well, this is about

you. About

you not showing up and

You being the one I'm waiting for and

You being so much louder than me and 

You singing sour nothings to drown me out.

I am still waiting.


My whole life has become waiting for

You to have time for me and for

You to care enough to ask how my day is going and for

You to read my writing and see 


in it. 

I am still waiting.


You and I are the moon and the sea I determine nothing about 

You and 

You determine everything about me. I'm not waiting for

you to follow me, I'm just waiting for

you to realize I'm right on your heels because 

you still matter to me. 

I am still waiting. 



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