"I am starting to love my flaws"

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 17:03 -- jcrysta


I don't think I'm flawless
I have never loved my body
And I know I have a shitty personality
But I do think I am flawless

I have less flaws than I use to
I'm starting to see myself anew
With open eyes I stare at myself
and finally appreciate what I see

Sometimes I think I'm relapsing
Sometimes I spiral into self hate
Sometimes I lay awake at night
Mostly I just want to be different

Recently though, It's been better
Probably because it is
A new player is in my game
And she assures me I'm perfect

Even with endless love from Anna
I still see myself in a dark light
"I can be better, I will change my ways"
Each kiss convinces me I'm wrong

If she can love me so passionately,
and look past all my flaws,

why do I have such a hard time loving myself?
Slowly, I'm getting better
Slowly, she's teaching me that I am flawless

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