I Am Sorry

Thu, 08/06/2015 - 14:41 -- yemiben

"I am sorry" was what he kept repeating. 

But I was numb to his apologizes. 
I played deaf ears to all the bullshit that was flowing from his mouth
All his accounted lies spilling like waterfalls 
I was done. But I couldn't tell him. 
Fear of the unknown griped me. He was going to leave me if I even mentioned the fact that I was getting immune to his lies. 
But I had to let him go. I deserve better. 
"I never meant to hurt you"
Oh yes you did. You did that so flawlessly..so effortlessly. 
Broken promises with high maintenance. 
I am done with your bullshit. I should really go. 
But a part of me fell in love with the broken promises. 
It atleast showed you cared. You always came back to apologize.
I had the upper hand then cause you were on your knees waiting for my forgiveness to lift you up. 
I enjoyed the pain. My heart got accustomed to the five years of mistrust, lies, deceit and unfaithfulness. 
Oh how I loved to see her hair on the side of my bed. You always knew how to pick 'em. 
"I promise to change if you take me back. I'll treat you like the princess you are. You deserve the world and more"
But that's the problem!
But never once did you say my name. Never once did you treat me as my name. There was a guideline you refuted. 
Princess was what you promised me we'll name our daughter the night we first had that sweet good lovin'
But how could we? 
You couldn't even treat the mother to be right. 
My name gave it away,
I carried princess for one week til you got tired of her and kicked her down the stairs. 
I cursed you within. But I just couldn't leave you. 
-he wasn't ready- 
That was the excuse I wrapped myself in. Believing it was for the best. 
But now you're telling me you'll treat me like a princess?! 
Ofcourse I deserve the world and more. 
So, there's the door. 
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