I am simply me


I am simply me 

I wonder what my life will be 
I hear people calling for me 
I see my faith  laid out in front of me
But yet i still wonder about my insanity 
I am a simply me
I pretend to be the pain you fill 
I try to reach out but its as if you were  gone 
As I gaze into your eyes I might as well have reach cloud nine
I see the look on your face and remember the nights you were gone 
The night I stayed up worrying about you soldiers at war
I shed tears knowing  that  you my love one might pass 
That is just simply me 
I understand that yellow and blue makes green 
That love and peace may never be 
War is slowly getting to me
Me and my insanity 
I hope you don't mind 
I am just simply me 


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