I am silence

Nobody love's her, let that sink in. She's in a house full of family and doesn't feel comfortable in her skin. Everyone talks but no one listen's, nobody's hearing what she's missing. She's missing a heart, that a thief took when she was a little girl, a grown man exposed her to this hateful world but once again everybody talked and no one listened and she went un-noticed when her innocents came up missing but no one asked no even cared it was life she thought, she rather not make any one mad so she didn't share. She was only 8 so she didn't know any better, besides how could she tell her mother she was raped by her own brother. She wouldn't believe a word she said so that day a silence inside her was breed, and inside the back of her mind she barried the memory. Years go past and now she is 13 fresh to the world with her body developing. All eyes on her, she can feel their Manish thoughts followed by lust burning through her clothes, she grabs her jacket and keep walking on her way to school. School is her safe place where she can feel free and let it all go, school is the place where she can let the real her show. She's a smart girl with a 3.0, she was a honorable mention on the honor role. But walking from school she wasn't safe, a young man decided asking for a date was against his vibe, she'd never go for a guy like him. She didn't know she was being followed so she sat down under a tree behind the school and read a book a shadow of a person passed but she didn't look up, she was sure somebody was always watching since she was at school and they have cameras on the outside of buildings. The shadow didn't move so she looked up and asked the person to move please, but he had something else in mind she seen it in his eyes. She knew that look she seen it before, she instantly tried to run scream and plead but he smacked her down pushed her face in the dirt and took what ever was left of her. When he was in finished he left her there to pick up the pieces. She just layed there and smelled the blood trickle from her bruised mouth. She sat up to see the bruises on her legs and screamed "GOD WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING, ARE YOU EVEN REAL, I HATE THIS WORLD WHY AM I HERE TAKE MY LIFE PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE" she left all her things on the ground and got up and headed home went straight to her room and cried herself to sleep. Only to be woken up by her mom with a belt in her hand , yelling about skipping school but she just couldn't deal with anything right now she just didn't care. As her mom began hitting her with the belt her will to live just diminished when her mom stopped she just layed back down and slept another day away. She stayed in her room day and night. The silence inside her grew deeper each day and her will to live had gone completely away. She cut herself, hung herself even tried to overdose but it never worked. Death just wouldn't come to her . Her mom had company one day. She came downstairs to use the bathroom and her mother called her name. She walked to the front room and her mom asked her why is she skipping school, the girl didn't reply. This time her mom lashed her with an extension cord they girl didn't even flinch. So her mom grabbed her by her hair and dragged her. The girl cried, but only because she didn't understand why GOD allowed everyone to hurt her . The girl stood up and pulled her hair out of her mom grip and walked onto the porch. Her mom followed she felt she had a point to prove so she came making threats and hitting the girl. She couldn't listen, nothing even mattered anymore until she looked into her mother's eyes. She could read her well, her mother was thinking she was out screwing everybody and making a bad name for her family. So she finally tried to open up and let her mom know what happened. Her mom didn't believe her but her mom tried to be compassionate and offer help. But it was to late, the damage was done. The deal was sealed she felt like her heart instantly turned black, she was lost and nobody ever found her, untill she met him. He scooped her and took her away from the pain and made sure her world never saw another drop of rain. She then knew GOD was real he sent her someone to help her heart heal. From that day forward she began to grow, live and learn to trust. I am her, so this is true. Open your eyes, listen with your ears and speak up no matter what, never let anything or any one silence you.

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