I Am Scholarship Slam

Sun, 11/01/2015 - 20:18 -- msitsis


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I am fearless and I am fun

I wonder about my future

I hear the waves giggle when they crash

I see the sun smiling back at me

I want success

I am fearless and I am fun


I pretend I am a dentist

I feel my mouthpiece of my trumpet kiss me while I play

I worry about society

I cry for the homeless and sick

I am fearless and I am fun


I realize I am not perfect and that not everything will come easily to me

I say our generation will shape the future

I dream for a no hate world and everyone to love everyone

I try to be a role model and make a difference

I hope I do everything I say I always will, to prove everyone wrong and say I did it

I am fearless and I am fun

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