I am Scholarship Poem


I am a conqueror.

I am a fighter, a lover, a hugger.

I am a musician, a singer, a vocalist.

I am all these things and more.

I am a collection of my favorite quotes.

I am my passions.

I am my favorite songs.

I am a cultivation of love.

I am a conqueror.


I am recovering.

I am fighting.

I am working on myself.

I am more than my past struggles.

I am not the girl I used to be.

I am no longer an anorexic.

I am no longer a cutter.

I am no longer hopeless.

I am no longer broken.

I am a conqueror.


I am hoping.

I am dreaming.

I am soaring past my expectations.

I am ardent.

I am a new creation.

I am a conqueror.


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